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Carbon OMS

  • 35% less weight than legacy system – carry more fuel and ammunition.
  • Six (6) store stations
  • Slide-in ammunition magazines – easier to load and latch
  • Boresight weapons without tools
  • Integrated feed system eliminate the cost and drag associated with external feed chutes
  • Field repairable
  • Very low part count - low maintenance
  • Modular; rapidly reconfigurable without tools
  • Folding outboards
  • 30mm machine gun, .50 cal machine gun, 7.62mm Gatling gun
  • M260/261 rocket launcher
  • Smart rocket, HELLFIRE
  • Griffin tip stores
  • Integration kits available for all light/medium rotorcraft
  • Door mod kit available
  • Complete list of specifications
  • OMS Brochure


Carbon OMS, CFD’s new, lightweight, composite Ordnance Mounting System (OMS) benefits from user feedback from over 27 years of combat use. We are certain that no competing system could offer the performance that our system provides because no other company has the experience and expertise that CFD has gained over the years.

Our new OMS provides the same reliability that has made its predecessors great for three decades at 35% less weight. The new system is packed with more features such as integrated feed chutes, boresightable M134 mounts, slide-in ammunition magazines and greatly increased repairability. By giving our customers increased performance in a lighter package we have eliminated undesired trade-offs.