• External mount and magazine frees up cabin space

  • 14-inch NATO bomb rack store for rockets or missiles (option)

  • .50 cal and 7.62mm weapons


CFD’s External Gun Mount System (EGMS) has assisted U.S. Air Force CSAR Pave Hawk personnel to save lives since 2003.

The system is stiff to yield low dispersion and get rounds on target. Reliability has continuously improved through years of field trials and design iterations. EGMS requires minimal maintenance.

EGMS is compatible with our quick-release External Store System (ESS) for rockets, APKWS, HELLFIRE, fixed-forward large caliber weapons or most anything that can be mounted on a standard 14-inch NATO bomb rack.

Features & Benefits

  • External Weapon Mount and Ammo - the tactical tow plate - installed outside the body of the aircraft - allows the ability to mount both ammunition magazines and armament external to the cabin. This design provides added safety in the event of a mishap, frees up valuable internal cabin space, and allows the crew chief/gunner windows to be closed in inclement conditions.
  • Rapid Reconfiguring - quickly change from .50 cal to 7.62 mm and back again, giving the mission commander maximum flexibility.
  • Fixed-Forward Fire - EGMS can be fired by the pilot in fixed-forward mode, or crew-served by a gunner.
  • .50 cal Weapon Compatibility - provides for a greatly increased Weapon Engagement Zone (WEZ), thereby eliminating the WEZ gap while simultaneously increasing lethal reach well beyond 1,500 meters (up to 3x minigun range) providing a defensive capability against light armored vehicles, weapons emplacements and structures.
  • High Capacity Magazines - up to 6,000 rounds of 7.62mm or 1,200 rounds of .50 cal ammunition.
  • Optional 14-inch NATO Bomb Rack Compatible Store - provides additional firepower without sacrificing significant field-of-fire as with an auxiliary armament wing.

Configuration Comparison

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Unique Characteristics
  • M-Model Black Hawk compatible
  • Rocket/missile capable
  • Crew-served or fixed-forward modes
  • 4-store
  • Rocket/missile capable
  • Crew-served or fixed-forward modes
  • 4-store
  • No electrical power required
  • 2 minutes of continuous fire per side to meet ORD requirement
  • Non-invasive, bolt-on install
  • Crew-served only
  • 2-store
  • Federated design draws power from battery
  • Crew-served only
  • 2-store
Active Vibration Control (AVC) Compatible
Fixed Forward
GAU-18/M2AC .50 cal machine gun
M3D .50 cal machine gun
M3P .50 cal machine gun
GAU-21/M3M .50 cal machine gun
GAU-19 3-barrel, .50 cal Gatling gun
M240 7.62mm machine gun
GAU-2/M134 7.62mm Gatling gun
M260 7-shot rocket pod
M310 HELLFIRE missile launcher
LR30 Low Recoil 30mm machine gun
Ski compatible Optional Optional
AVR-2B laser detecting set Optional Optional Optional Optional
Max weapon stores 4 4 2 2
.50 cal BMG capacity (per a/c) 1,200 1,200
7.62x51mm NATO capacity (per a/c) 5,400 5,400 4,000 4,000
HELLFIRE missile capacity (per a/c) 4 4
Hydra-70 rocket capacity (per a/c) 14 14
LGR capacity (per a/c) 16 16
Fuel probe compatible Optional Optional Optional
  • Forward: 0° to 171° azimuth, +0° to -51° elevation
  • Aft: 0° to 171° azimuth, +6° to -45° elevation
  • Forward: 0° to 171° azimuth, +0° to -51° elevation
  • Aft: 0° to 171° azimuth, +6° to -45° elevation
  • Forward: 0° to 171° azimuth, +0° to -51° elevation
  • Aft: 0° to 171° azimuth, +6° to -45° elevation
  • Forward: 0° to 171° azimuth, +0° to -51° elevation
  • Aft: 0° to 171° azimuth, +6° to -45° elevation
Stowage positions
  • 0° forward
  • 90° outboard
  • 171° aft
  • 0° forward
  • 90° outboard
  • 171° aft
  • 0° forward
  • 90° outboard
  • 171° aft

Mil-Spec Compliance

  • Military aerospace grade workmanship.
  • Compliant with environmental requirements (solar radiation, high/low/shock temperature, altitude, humidity, rain, ice, salt fog, fungus, sand, and dust) per MIL-STD-810G.
  • Compliant with explosive atmosphere requirements per MIL-STD-810G.
  • Compliant with human factors requirements per NATICK/TR-89/044 and MIL-STD-1472G.
  • Gunfire clearances per MIL-STD-1289.
  • Compliant with non-operating environment requirements (high/low/shock temperature, and altitude).
  • Compliant with induced environments [functional/bench-handling/crash-hazard shock, 6G’s acceleration, fluid susceptibility, structural vibration (5% separation), and gunfire vibration (1 hour/axis)].
  • Fatigue life IAW MIL-STD-882D.
  • Compliant with structural requirements (flight/landing/ground/transport loading conditions, airframe crash criteria, floor loading, interface load limits, and dynamic stability).
  • Compliant with military aerospace materials, processes and parts requirements.
  • Ground resonance per AVNS-PRF-10002.
  • Compliant with E3 requirements (lightning, EMC, EMI, ESD, and electrical bonding).
  • Compliant with MIL-STD-704F electrical requirements (non-essential busses only, fuse/circuit breaker, 115 VAC, 28 VDC, exported transients, voltage spike, dielectric withstanding voltage, insulation resistance, grounding requirements, shield grounding, wire shields, primary power returns, secondary power returns, signal returns, shielding gaskets, E3 hardness, and molded harnesses).
  • Product marking per MIL-STD-130N.
  • Interchangeable per MIL-I-8500D.
  • FOD resistant.
  • Flaw tolerant.

Note: typical spec compliance shown above; actual compliance varies by product.