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GAU-21/M3M Low Recoil Gun Cradle

  • Compatible with legacy EGMS pintle post - no system upgrades required
  • Compatible with legacy grip assembly - no replacing costly grips
  • Compatible with both GAU-21/M3M and GAU-18/M2AC - no need to maintain a mount for each gun
  • Springs-only recoil absorption - eliminates costly shocks
  • Integrated GAU-21/M3M charging handle - CFD's patented "easy pull" charging handle is significantly smaller than the OEM charging handle. This allows for user-friendly operation in tight quarters.
  • Electrically fired - allows the pilot to operate the weapon from the cyclic
  • ICS switch on gun grip - the gunner can communicate with crew members without releasing the grip
  • Crew-served and fixed-forward firing
  • Tool-less quick removal of weapon and mount
  • EGMS Brochure


CFD’s GAU-21/M3M Gun Cradle adds fast-firing .50 cal capability to the already fielded EGMS system. This incremental upgrade is significantly less expensive than alternatives. The gun cradle is compatible with the legacy EGMS pintle post, ammo box and booster motor. Like the legacy GAU-18/M2AC cradle, it can be fired by a gunner in the crew-served mode of operation, or locked in fixed-forward mode and fired by the pilot. The mode of operation is easily changed while in flight.