• Simple, low-cost install

  • Less prone to damage compared to nose mount

  • Maintains EO/IR field-of-regard


CFD International’s Sponson Sensor Mount (SSM) is engineered and built to meet the requirements of various government agencies, both military and civilian. This patented, combat-proven system provides a stable platform for mounting a wide range of sensors.

CFD’s SSM maintains crucial field of regard, improves hard-landing survivability, provides unsurpassed stability and is significantly less expensive than alternative nose mount installations. Mission kit design of the SSM means easy on/easy off capability for use where it is most needed.

Features & Benefits

  • Low cost - Less expensive than other mounting solutions
  • Simple installation - rapid, in-the-field installation and removal prevents costly structural modifications
  • Safe location - Improves hard landing survivability over nose mount while maintaining crucial field of regard
  • Compatible with EGMS - Modular design allows installation with LWEGMS or EGMS systems on A/L/M models
  • Versatile - supports FSI StarSAFIRE, FSI BRITEStar, FSI Talon, Wescam MX-15, MX-15i, Raytheon MTS-A, most searchlights

Configuration Comparison

« Star SAFIRE FLIR SSM » « Talon FLIR SSM » « MTS SSM » « Trakkabeam A800 Searchlight SSM »
FSI Talon
Wescam MX-15 and MX-15i
Raytheon MTS-A
Quick Release
IR Camera Mount

Mil-Spec Compliance

  • Military aerospace grade workmanship.
  • Compliant with environmental requirements (solar radiation, high/low/shock temperature, altitude, humidity, rain, ice, salt fog, fungus, sand, and dust) per MIL-STD-810G.
  • Compliant with explosive atmosphere requirements per MIL-STD-810G.
  • Compliant with human factors requirements per NATICK/TR-89/044 and MIL-STD-1472G.
  • Gunfire clearances per MIL-STD-1289.
  • Compliant with non-operating environment requirements (high/low/shock temperature, and altitude).
  • Compliant with induced environments [functional/bench-handling/crash-hazard shock, 6G’s acceleration, fluid susceptibility, structural vibration (5% separation), and gunfire vibration (1 hour/axis)].
  • Fatigue life IAW MIL-STD-882D.
  • Compliant with structural requirements (flight/landing/ground/transport loading conditions, airframe crash criteria, floor loading, interface load limits, and dynamic stability).
  • Compliant with military aerospace materials, processes and parts requirements.
  • Ground resonance per AVNS-PRF-10002.
  • Compliant with E3 requirements (lightning, EMC, EMI, ESD, and electrical bonding).
  • Compliant with MIL-STD-704F electrical requirements (non-essential busses only, fuse/circuit breaker, 115 VAC, 28 VDC, exported transients, voltage spike, dielectric withstanding voltage, insulation resistance, grounding requirements, shield grounding, wire shields, primary power returns, secondary power returns, signal returns, shielding gaskets, E3 hardness, and molded harnesses).
  • Product marking per MIL-STD-130N.
  • Interchangeable per MIL-I-8500D.
  • FOD resistant.
  • Flaw tolerant.

Note: typical spec compliance shown above; actual compliance varies by product.