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Sponson Mount for FLIR Systems Star SAFIRE

  • Sponson location is less prone to sensor damage
  • Simple, low-cost install
  • Maintains field-of-regard
  • Tow Plate - provides towing and tie down point
  • Proven - over 455 sold, 7+ years in service
  • Qualified by US Army AED
  • Compatible with EGMS
  • Complete list of specifications


The Star SAFIRE H-60 SSM is a simplified, inexpensive alternative to the nose-mounted design. The mounting location close to the wheel helps protect the sensor from takeoff or hard landing damage.

Technical Specs

FLIR systems SSM Raytheon SSM Trakkabeam A800 Searchlight SSM
H-60 (all models)
Float bag compatible
FLIR Systems Star SAFIRE
FLIR Systems BRITE Star
FLIR Systems Talon
Raytheon MTS
LYNX Synthetic Aperture Radar Option
Weight A-Kit 48.6 lbs
B-Kit 23.2 lbs
A-Kit 67.2 lbs
B-Kit 23.2 lbs
A-Kit 30.7 lbs
B-Kit N/A