• No aircraft mods required

  • Four 14-inch NATO bomb racks compatible with fuel tanks, rockets and HELLFIRE missiles

  • Double the payload capacity


In early 2015, Bell Helicopter and CFD International partnered to create a solution to add weapon capabilities to the H-1 such as HELLFIRE and other smart weapons. The result is HOSS, a system that is compatible with a broad array of weapons and increases the total weapon payload to 1,200 lbs per side without aircraft modifications.

HOSS has been analyzed by both CFD and Bell stress engineers to show positive safety margins throughout the flight profile.

CFD’s manufacturing tolerances are painfully tight to ensure perfect, no-slop fitment while maintaining component interchangeability. These extra efforts pay off in accuracy and boresight retention.

Features & Benefits

  • Six (6) store stations - four (4) fixed-forward and two (2) crew-served store stations
  • More Weapon Compatibility - the pintle store is compatible with 7.62mm to .50 cal machine guns. The two fixed forward stores are compatible with fuel tanks, rockets and HELLFIRE and other missiles.
  • More Payload - doubles ordnance payload capacity
  • Reliable. Maintainable. Supportable. Safe. So the user can focus on their job and not on their tools.
  • Provision for mounting sighting laser.
  • Provisions for the mounting and operation of .50 cal, 7.62mm and 30mm automatic machine guns including ammo storage, feed and eject systems.
  • Provision for 14-inch NATO rack mounted weapons: HELLFIRE missiles, Laser Guided Rockets and Hydra-70 Rockets.
  • Externally mounted to free cabin space.
  • Pintle store capable of transitioning from crew-served mode to fixed-forward mode while in flight without the use of any tools.
  • Tool-less locking of weapon at forward, outboard and aft positions.
  • Gunner field of view exceeds gun field of fire.
  • Separate A-Kit (permanent install) and B-Kit (mission specific) for enhanced mission flexibility.

Configuration Comparison

« H-1 HOSS » « Bell 429 HOSS »
Bell H-1
Bell 212
Bell 412
Weapon Store Locations 6 6
Crew Serve Locations 2 2
Quick Release
Close Doors
Folding Outboard Store
7.62mm Ammo Capacity 12,000 12,000
.50 Cal Ammo Capacity 2,400 2,400
IR Camera Mount
External Fuel Cell Mount
.50 Cal Mount
30mm Mount
M134 Mount
MK19 Mount
M260/M261 Mount

Mil-Spec Compliance

  • Military aerospace grade workmanship.
  • Compliant with environmental requirements (solar radiation, high/low/shock temperature, altitude, humidity, rain, ice, salt fog, fungus, sand, and dust) per MIL-STD-810G.
  • Compliant with explosive atmosphere requirements per MIL-STD-810G.
  • Compliant with human factors requirements per NATICK/TR-89/044 and MIL-STD-1472G.
  • Gunfire clearances per MIL-STD-1289.
  • Compliant with non-operating environment requirements (high/low/shock temperature, and altitude).
  • Compliant with induced environments [functional/bench-handling/crash-hazard shock, 6G’s acceleration, fluid susceptibility, structural vibration (5% separation), and gunfire vibration (1 hour/axis)].
  • Fatigue life IAW MIL-STD-882D.
  • Compliant with structural requirements (flight/landing/ground/transport loading conditions, airframe crash criteria, floor loading, interface load limits, and dynamic stability).
  • Compliant with military aerospace materials, processes and parts requirements.
  • Ground resonance per AVNS-PRF-10002.
  • Compliant with E3 requirements (lightning, EMC, EMI, ESD, and electrical bonding).
  • Compliant with MIL-STD-704F electrical requirements (non-essential busses only, fuse/circuit breaker, 115 VAC, 28 VDC, exported transients, voltage spike, dielectric withstanding voltage, insulation resistance, grounding requirements, shield grounding, wire shields, primary power returns, secondary power returns, signal returns, shielding gaskets, E3 hardness, and molded harnesses).
  • Product marking per MIL-STD-130N.
  • Interchangeable per MIL-I-8500D.
  • FOD resistant.
  • Flaw tolerant.

Note: typical spec compliance shown above; actual compliance varies by product.