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HOSS External OMS for H-1

  • Attaches to existing hard points - no aircraft mods required
  • Increases payload capacity from 500 to 2,100 lbs
  • Six (6) store stations
  • Detachable outboard store station - no need to fly with un-useful load
  • Extended range - with external fuel pods
  • 30mm machine gun, .50 cal machine gun, 7.62mm Gatling gun
  • 7- or 19-shot rocket launcher
  • Smart rocket, HELLFIRE
  • Griffin tip stores
  • Fly with doors closed
  • Complete list of specifications
  • HOSS Brochure


In partnership with Bell Helicopter, CFD has designed the HOSS modern armament system that provides six store stations, adds precision guided munition capability such as HELLFIRE, and is compatible with large fuel pods. The HOSS system increases store station payload to 2,100 lbs per aircraft (up from 500 lbs with the legacy DAS mount). No aircraft modifications are required to install the HOSS mount structure. The system can be rapidly scaled down to four (4) store stations without tools, thus shedding un-useful load. The system is compatible with both BRU-59 and Alkan bomb release units, and preserves compatibility with the existing DAS pintle mounted gun cradles, thus lowering total upgrade cost. HOSS on UH-1 provides unparalleled mission capability and flexibility.