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Ordnance Mounting System for H-1

  • Six (6) store stations - the Huey OMS has two (2) crew-served or fixed forward stores and four (4) dedicated fixed-forward stores
  • Flush cabin floor - the OMS mount lugs fold into recesses in the cabin floor when not in use to keep the floor free of obstructions
  • Crew-serve swing arm - the crew serve locations are attached to swing arms that pivot inside the aircraft to perform maintenance on the weapons, close the doors with no other weapon stores installed outboard or swing the crew-served weapons outboard to lock them forward for additional pilot operated weapon stations.
  • Modular; rapidly reconfigurable without tools
  • Auxiliary fuel tanks
  • GAU-19 3-barrel .50 cal on retractable arm
  • 30mm machine gun, .50 cal machine gun, 7.62mm Gatling gun
  • M260/261 rocket launcher
  • Smart rocket, HELLFIRE
  • Folding outboards
  • Complete list of specifications
  • OMS Brochure


The Bell UH-1 OMS has unparalleled payload capacity. The addition of .50 cal capability, specifically GAU-19s on the crew-served swing arms make the Huey a formidable gun ship. Six (6) systems were sold to an international customer and are in operation today.