CFD International (CFD) was founded in 1985 by the late Paul Sanderson, inventor of the original OMS, that is fielded and still flying after two and a half decades. Our focus is serving warfighters by providing premium weapon systems for helicopters. CFD provides the U.S. Government and foreign military allies with precision-engineered weapon system solutions emphasizing accuracy, reliability, durability and light weight. Because of our specialization and experience, this equipment cannot be built better, for less, anywhere else.

Why CFD?

We're not just a pretty website; we've actually done it. For 32 years. All while successfully navigating the complex regulations of AED, FAA, DCAA, DCMA, BATF, DDTC (ITAR), US Customs, DLA and on and on...
We are a small business of about 40 employees. Our low inertia allows maximum flexibility to shift resources where needed most. We maintain direct control over manufacturing of parts in-house and we perform all assembly in our Princeton, TX plant. CFD does engineering, prototyping, testing, tech pubs, manufacturing and assembly all in-house. Often heard around CFD: "we'll make it happen".
CFD operates a private test cell capable of up to 30mm automatic fire. The range, coupled with our Class 10 Federal Firearms License (FFL), enables us to move uninhibited from concept through qualification.

Company Experience

CFD has sold and fielded rocket and gun mounting systems for over 1,000 aircraft. These include:

  • U.S. Army/Boeing FMS Saudi Armed AH-6i Fleet
  • U.S. Army Black Hawk Medevac Fleet
  • U.S. Air Force Combat Search and Rescue Pave Hawk Fleet
  • U.S. Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment Little Bird Fleet
  • U.S. Army FMS Iraqi Armed 407 Fleet
  • U.S. Army Black Hawks
  • U.S. Army Kiowa Warrior Fleet
  • U.S. Coast Guard Jay Hawk Fleet
  • UAE Presidential Guard Black Hawk Fleet
  • Japanese Ground Self Defense Force's Black Hawk
  • Colombian Army's Huey Fleet
  • Mexican Navy's MD Explorer Fleet
  • Taiwanese Kiowa Warrior Fleet

In addition to mounts, CFD designs and manufactures two machine guns - the CFD M3D rapid fire 1,000 rpm .50 cal and the CFD LR30 low recoil 30mm cannon. We sell the latest electronic armament management systems necessary to integrate the weapons into the aircraft. Finally, we offer services for engineering product development, qualification, manufacturing, integration, installation, training, logistics and support.


CFD's Princeton campus is positioned on 13 acres of land (triangular property line shown in the image) 8 miles southeast of McKinney National Airport and 42 miles northeast of DFW International Airport. We have 24,000 total square feet of manufacturing space and room to expand as needed. Our newest building, built in 2012, nearly doubled our space by adding 10,500 square feet.

CFD operates an outdoor gun range 70 miles northwest of Princeton. This facility is used for test shoots requiring longer range or slewing of the weapons. The facility is available for private lease.

Our precision parts are machined on our five (5) CNC machines capable of 5-axis milling and up to 120" long. See our line card for a complete list of equipment.

Our sister company, CFDI Aero, is located on Denton Enterprise Airport (KDTO) in nearby Denton, TX. CFDI Aero performs maintenance, modifications and avionics for general aviation customers. We employ three Inspection Authorization (IA) holders, four Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanics, one helicopter pilot and five fixed-wing pilots. CFDI is capable of executing the complete process for new STCs.