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EGMS for Sikorsky H-60M Black Hawk

  • Compatible with AVC system - does not interfere with the Active Vibration Control (AVC) system on the M-model aircraft
  • Battery powered system - batteries permit gun operation even in the event of aircraft power loss
  • Additional, jettisonable weapon station
  • Four (4) weapon stores (Two (2) per side)
  • Modular, rapidly reconfigurable
  • Currently flying in UAE
  • Complete list of specifications
  • EGMS Brochure

Pintle Weapon Store

  • External magazine frees cabin space
  • Crew-served or fixed-forward
  • Compatible with most .50 cal and 7.62mm weapons

External Store Station (ESS)

  • Jettisonable
  • 2.75-inch rockets
  • 30mm cannon


EGMS for the M-Model Black Hawk extends the capability of G-Model EGMS by adding the ESS store station, AVC compatibility, and by adding a battery powered operation option.