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PGMS for Low Ceiling Aircraft

  • Gunner seat
  • Variable azimuth stop - keeps the weapon aimed in a safe position while rotating it into and out of the cabin
  • Safety switch - prevents the weapon from firing unless it is in the deployed (armed) position
  • No aircraft mods required - mounts to cabin floor/ramp cargo tie-down points
  • Transition from crew-served to fixed-forward fire without tools while in flight
  • Tool-less installation and removal
  • The swing arm pivots into the cabin allowing the doors to be closed
  • .50 cal machine gun, 7.62mm machine gun
  • Complete list of specifications


PGMS for Low Ceiling Aircraft mounts to the cabin floor of an aircraft where the low ceiling prevents the gunner from standing. The gunner seat is crash worthy and pivots with the arm to maintain an ergonomic distance between the weapon grips and gunner.